Multi-protocol translation software

The MIDIMonster is an universal control and translation tool for most show control protocols in the entertainment industry - and lots more besides


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Usage examples

The power of the MIDIMonster can be used to

  • GrandMA consoles
  • ArtNet
  • OSC applications
  • Video switchers
  • DMX
  • Stage lighting
  • MIDI synthesizers
  • Pixel Strips
  • sACN
  • MIDI controllers
  • Games
  • Lua Scripts
  • Your keyboard
  • PTZ Cameras
  • Live streaming equipment
  • Camera tally
  • Moving lights
  • JACK LV2 Plugins
  • OLA
  • Stage automation
  • Mixers
  • GrandMA consoles
  • ArtNet
  • OSC controllers
  • Mobile Apps
  • DMX
  • TouchOSC
  • Switcher control panels
  • IPads
  • MIDI synthesizers
  • sACN
  • MIDI controllers
  • Gamepads
  • Lua Scripts
  • Keyboards
  • JACK LV2 Plugins
  • Python scripting
  • Automated sequencing

Wide range of supported protocols

Mix and match the protocols relevant to your use-case, and translate seamlessly between them. Almost all protocols can be used both for control input as well as output.


Linux / OS X / Windows

Widely used for keyboards & control surfaces


Linux / OS X / Windows

Stage lighting control (DMX512 over Ethernet)


Linux / OS X / Windows

Used to transmit MIDI over Ethernet

sACN (E1.31)

Linux / OS X / Windows

Stage lighting control (DMX512 over Ethernet)

OpenSoundControl (OSC)

Linux / OS X / Windows

Flexible protocol for fine-grained control data


MA Lighting Web Remote

Linux / OS X / Windows

Interact with GrandMA lighting consoles


Linux / OS X / Windows

Control RGB LED strips over the network

Open Lighting Architecture

Linux / OS X

Connector for a wide range of other input and output methods


Input devices

Linux / Windows

Mice, keyboards, joysticks, gamepads, …


Linux / OS X / Windows

Control networked PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) cameras

JACK Control Voltage

Linux / OS X

Fine-grained control for LV2 plugins, also includes MIDI support

Powerful programming environment included

Create fully or partially automated shows, triggerable patterns, simplified control interfaces or something entirely new! The MIDIMonster programming backends give you full programmatic control over devices on any supported protocol. You can even extend the MIDIMonster itself to connect to custom devices or services.

Lua scripting

Linux / OS X / Windows

Route, modify and generate events using the simple Lua language


Python scripting

Linux / OS X

Route, modify and generate events or create your own extensions for the MIDIMonster using Python 3


Linux / OS X / Windows

Simplify your configuration by aggregating channels

Expressive and easy-to-learn configuration syntax

Browse our library of example configurations and user contributed use-case descriptions to get a feeling of what is possible.

Example configurations

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Dedicated and helpful community


Do you have questions, ideas for new features or backends, issues you would like to bring up or did you find a bug? We’re happy to hear from you, both via our issue tracker and our IRC chat room

Do you have a novel use case in mind, or do you want to show off an awesome project realized with the MIDIMonster? The Knowledge base is the place to share your insights with other users!

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